About design institute «PromstroyNIIproekt»

Design and Research Institute "Kharkiv PromstroyNIIproekt " founded in 1933 year is one of the leading institutions of Ukraine in the field of construction and design of new reconstruction existing enterprises of metallurgy, engineering , and various buildings and structures appointment.

Organizational structure and highly skilled staff of designers and researchers allow institution to perform the work of different directions , such as AEC design enterprises , buildings , engineering networks and systems , the development of projects for the new construction and reconstruction , inspection and evaluation of the technical condition of construction , development project strengthen and restore the carrying capacity of buildings and structures , the implementation of functions territorial organizations in Kharkiv and Poltava regions , the development of special sections (security Environment medium projects the construction and production work ) research work reconstruction and durability of buildings and structures; certification of building materials and products , and execution services by expert evaluation of objects and property complexes , as well as land nonagricultural ; engineering services.

Advantage of the institute is a wide range of activities in all areas of urban planning and research activities to industrial and civil engineering .

Institute "Kharkiv PromstroyNIIproekt " has extensive experience in all areas, has more than 80 - year tradition of designing. At the same time , the institute is constantly embodies new ideas and ideas, has a progressive and creative approach to work.

Over the years the institute projected large number of objects more than 30 countries World : Bulgaria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan , Hungary, Finland , India, Nigeria , Germany, on Cuba etc., and as Ukraine , Russia and other CIS countries. The most important of them : Makeevskiy , Krivoy Rog , Enakievskiy ferroalloy plants , Norilsk Mining and Processing Plant ( Russia ); Kremikovtsi Metallurgical Plant , steel pipe plant in Septemvri (Bulgaria); Ironworks im. José Martí (Cuba); smelters in Nigeria , India, Egypt and other countries . The Institute participated in the development of master plans of cities such as Kharkov , Poltava, Sumy, Kremenchug , Odessa , Simferopol , Nikolaev , Vinnitsa, Pavlograd, Zhitomir, Krivoy Rog and others.

In recent years, produced plant design for the production of cardboard packaging in landrails , shopping complex in amounts hypermarkets "Epicenter" in Kharkov, Krivoy Rog, Simferopol Cherkassy 5-storey car park in Kharkov and other buildings and structures.

Key Features

"Kharkov PromstroyNIIproekt" has several features that distinguish it from other similar project organization:
  • Development of planning
    documentation sections
    "Industry" to the general
    city ​​plan
  • Accredited laboratory,
    issuing technical opinions
    on the state of construction
    designs and used
    construction materials.
  • Design of industrial
    enterprises, buildings and structures
"Kharkov PromstroyNIIproekt" has received numerous awards and certificates for their projects, including diplomas Ministry of Regional Development. Institute is certified ISO 9001-2000
Today Design and Research Institute "Kharkiv PromstroyNIIproekt" looking confidently future and has a number of promising projects.

Actual events