History of the Development

Institute "Kharkiv PromstroyNIIproekt"

Starting the technical activities of the Institute "Kharkiv PromstroyNIIproekt " refers to the period of the creation of design organizations.

In January 1933, the Trust was formed structural design of the USSR People's Commissariat Promstroiproekt with branches in Leningrad, Kharkov , Kiev and Sverdlovsk.

During the first five Promstroyproject Kharkov department involved in the design of major projects of the country , as Makeevskiy , Krivoy Rog metallurgical plants ; locomotive plant in Kharkov , Moscow , Batumi , Dnepropetrovsk , etc.

During the Great Patriotic War , while in the evacuation Institute led the design of new and relocation to the east of the country enterprises.

After returning in 1943 in Kharkiv staff of the department has been developing projects for rehabilitation and reconstruction of destroyed businesses Donbass Naddniprianshchyna in Kharkov - HTZ, Malyshev plant , Hammer and Sickle , turbines , etc.

70 designers were awarded medals "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 1945g.g . " And 31 designer - the medal " For the restoration of the steel industry of the south ."

In 1957 he transferred to the USSR State department , and in 1961 was reorganized into Institute "Kharkiv Promstroiproekt ", which in 1963 after merging with YUZHNII was named Project and Research Institute of Kharkov PromstroyNIIproekt .

Specialty Institute - structural design objects ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy , engineering, and scientific research to improve the reconstruction of zero- cycle durability of structures and improve the construction of metallurgical enterprises .

For many years the Institute has carried out a great job of designing objects for foreign countries.

According to the Institute's projects built many metallurgical enterprises in more than 30 countries around the world :- Bulgaria - the chief designer and team leader architectural supervision Patsenker DL- In India - the chief designer and team leader architectural supervision Radko YM- In Nigeria - the chief designer and team leader architectural supervision Kolomiychenko YD- Cuba - by technical conditions of design and construction Pushkarenko VV,as well as in Egypt, Iran , Pakistan , Hungary , Germany, Algeria, Finland, etc.

According to the Institute's projects are built , many enterprises in Ukraine, Russia and other countries of the former CIS .

According to the Institute's projects in Kharkiv built the following objects: a concert hall "Ukraine" , a children's swimming pool "Pioneer" , bank buildings of cultural and business center on the street. Chernyshevsky , the hotel is Sumskaya street , reconstruction of the stadium "Metalist" , "Vorskla" in Poltava , etc.